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How to Select the Correct Chimney Brush Size

In order for a chimney brush to successfully clean a chimney it must be the correct size.  While a chimney brush that is too big could potentially be trimmed to fit, a chimney brush that is too small will not reach the sides and essentially will be rendered useless.  Rather than waste money on a brush that is too small or spend valuable time trimming one that is too large, it is best to take a little time up front to ensure you select the correct size for your chimney.

To determine the chimney brush size you need you will have to get the interior length and width of your chimney.  To do this you’ll most likely need to climb up on your roof and measure the inside of your chimney.  While you’re up there, be sure to note the shape of your chimney since you can purchase chimney brushes in various shapes including round, square, oval, and rectangular.  

Homeowner grade brushes are usually available in a range of sizes from 5” in diameter to 12” in diameter. If the brush you need happens to be an odd shape or size you can always trim a round brush or have a brush custom made.  Ideally, you want to choose a brush that is as close in size to the diameter of your chimney as possible.  A brush that is too wide could get lodged in your chimney while a brush that is too small won’t reach the chimney walls and could leave dangerous creosote behind.

Of course, if you’re still unsure what size to purchase you can contact an authorized distributor.  These skilled professionals can help you determine exactly what size is right for you and ensure you don’t end up with a poor fitting brush.

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