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Home or Pro Chimney Pipe System?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 Posted by Anonymous
  Choosing your installer is one of  the most important decisions you'll make when considering the right chimney pipe system. Woodland Direct offers both the double-wall option, which requires professional installation, and the triple-wall option, which may be installed by the homeowner or whomever you wish with no certification required. Let's take a look at these systems and make a decision that is right for you.

Triple Wall    Our triple-wall chimney systems exceed chimney standards and can be installed by the homeowner or uncertified installer. Triple-wall systems are dependable and protected with a lifetime warranty. These systems may be used with a variety of stoves and fireplaces, including wood stoves, furnaces, boilers, stoves, ranges, water heaters, or other appliances fueled by wood, oil, coal, or gas. These systems offer an additional 2" clearance of air space, which guarantees the fire code clearances. This design will also stay cool on the outside and provide a hot draft on the inside, boosting efficiency and providing for a fire-safe design that protects both the chimney and the building. The triple-wall chimney features two insulating layers, a ceramic blanket and air space to eliminate hot spots. Not only is this a safe option, but you also can save money by not having to pay an installer. 

Double Wall

Custom Chimney Caps     Our professional chimney systems are a double-wall system and meet all chimney standards. The big difference between these and the triple-wall systems is that double-wall systems must be installed by a professional. With professional installation, this product is also backed by a lifetime warranty. Triple-wall systems are all-fuel chimney systems. They may be used with wood stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, ranges, water heaters, or other appliances fueled by wood, oil, coal or gas and zero-clearance fireplaces that are factory-built. Our professional systems feature lightweight insulation, twist-lock fittings, support boxes with factory installed starter sections, elbows with 360° swivel base, select black finish pipe lengths, and five foot length pipe sections. The sleek 1" wall design ensures optimum safety and performance, keeping the outer wall of the chimney cool and the flue gas temperature high for superior draft performance. The double-wall option can be the more cost effective of the two if you are planning on hiring a professional to install your chimney system.

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